Saturday, 14 May 2016

Round Forms IV

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When the glue dries, it's ready for drilling, painting and assembly.

Must remember to drill the hole, top left.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Round Forms III

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I had the idea of using beermats rather than plywood for the round bits as that would be a lot easier. It is difficult to find round beermats these days. Beermats were on sale at the recent Bexley Beer Festival, none of them round. On a visit to Brighton last weekend we saw a hugely enjoyable performance of Two Guvnors at the Little Theatre and at the top of the lane leading there is the Pull and Pump, wherein were found round ones, some of which were liberated.

They are approximately the same size as those used in Square Forms and might be too small for the proposed Round Forms, so that will mean either trimming the bat or cutting circles in plywood.

We'll see.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Round Forms II

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Here's the first pass at Round Forms, at a cost of 7 pence (1x2p + 5x1p), superglue and a BBQ skewer.

It bears an unfortunate resemblance to the bastard child of a set of Mickey Mouse ears and a broken Olympics logo, but so it goes.

Fig 2 shows it in white, which was the initial plan.

I think I might go for a black upright, black or white base and a mixture of white and shades of grey (as with a lot of the early Mondrians) for the round components.

I might also drill a few large circles in the components to reinforce the relationship with the Nicholson shown in RF1 and also some of the larger Hepworth Square Form pieces which had holes.

Square Forms with Circle, Dallas

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Build VI


Here they are in situ and pretty much complete.
Round forms to follow.

And where it all started.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Build V

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Steady progress today. Turned #9 black then found some Hammerite Dark Green in the shed (no notion what we bought it for) which is a bit bronzy.

On the #3, I had planned careful preparation and colour trials but, in the end, just slapped some red and blue on. I'll try to get some matt yellow and white tomorrow.

Green Ted, who was there at the start on Barbara's fireplace shelf in St Ives has reappeared. I think the real thing is rather taller than mine. So it goes.

The ping pong bat is about 6" wide and 7" high. Think on and play with coins.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Build IV

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Assembly is now complete with the help of some new clamps from Wilko's and Poundland. I made the mistake of using the wrong paint on the first. I should have used my glasses in the shed - I saw the word 'undercoat' but only when I had finished did I realise that the paint tin said "gloss, undercoat not needed" rather than actually denoting undercoat.

No matter, it will be satin black tomorrow. And the second will be undercoated prior to becoming primary-coloured.

I have found an old bat with which to make a start on Round Forms.

[Later that day]
The plan is to show them on either side of the new (-ly redecorated) fireplace. Round Forms might fit in the middle. The configuration should be based on the known pieces but given that they are approximately chiral, copying one directly would be unbalanced. I am inclined to use the structure of #3 but a mirror image. There is already a picture to hand from Build III
Here's a notion - build trial pieces using coins, lolly sticks and superglue. Fun times ahead.

Round Forms


Looking at illus. 2 in the last post, it occurred to me that an old ping pong bat would make a good starting point for a less angular variant.

Given that the Square Forms pieces comprise five squares and a central rectangle (proportionally 1x1½), a bat and five circles might suit.
White circles (or ovoids) would also echo some early Hepworth and especially Nicholson pieces.